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                        2. The SAO Telescope Data Center supports scheduling and astronomical observations on the optical telescopes of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics: the Whipple and MMT Observatories on Mt. Hopkins in Arizona, and the Magellan Telescopes on Cerro Las Campanas in Chile.

                          老棋牌下载 We record and archive most observations on the telescopes on Mount Hopkins and reduce and analyze data from several spectrographs on those telescopes, producing redshifts for galaxies and radial velocities for stars. We also process and archive data from the f/5 MMIRS IR spectropgraph and Megacam imager on the Magellan Telescopes in Chile and archive data taken by CfA observers on other instruments on those telescopes. We develop and support computer software which helps scientists prepare for their observations, runs the instruments on the telescopes, reduces data to usable forms, and extracts star and galaxy velocities from spectra and positional information from images. Our web site provides full documentation of locally-developed software, access to some of our archived data, and results of some of the surveys we have supported.

                          The data we process is accessible through the .

                          For information on the services provided, click on one of the topics in the menu on the left.

                          TDC Director: Dr. Warren Brown
                          TDC Webmaster: Jessica Mink (617) 495-7408
                          TDC Staff: Dr. Igor Chilingaryan

                          Dr. Michael Kurtz

                          Ms. Jessica Mink [web]

                          Dr. Sean Moran

                          Dr. Martin Paegert

                          Dr. Jaehyon (Jay) Rhee

                          f/5 Observing Support

                          Mr. Jan Kansky

                          Ms. Anne Matthews
                          Additional Resources

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